Welcome to Changing Behavior  LLC.

We are shaped to serve families and professionals with Applied Behavior Analysis Services. We work with individuals with autism and cognitive challenges. We also offer supervision, and professional training.


Changing Behavior main goal is to improve the quality of life for families and children using behavioral strategies. To reach this goal, We offers wrap around individualized services for families and professionals.


Our behavior programs are built on the child's strength and needs based on an initial and detail assessment.


Based on the initial assessment and ongoing evaluations the team can develop short and long-term goals for the child and the family through an ongoing learning and enrichment process.


Evaluations are systematically carried through functional behavior assessments and standardized testing targeting language and social skills.




We believe in a team effort, which includes all the individuals involved in the child's life working towards the same goals.


Our Programs Include but are not limited to direct training given to the children, parent training, professional consultation and the coordination of services headed by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.


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Changing Behavior LLC

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