We are shaped to serve families and professionals with Applied Behavior Analysis Services. Changing Behavior LLC main goal is to improve the quality of life for families and children using behavioral strategies. To reach this goal, we offer wrap around individualized services for families and professionals..

Services & Description

Behavior Analysis Services to children with special needs

Behavior Analysis Services to children with special needs. We provide individualized programing fit to each child needs. Learning opportunities are set based on continuous curricular and functional assessment of the child skills and behavioral challenges.

Parent training

Parent training is a paramount for progress. Our parent training program goes well beyond theory as parents are continuously engaged in the process of learning of their children. We provide hands on training and recommendations on a weekly basis. For Parents Portal Click here 

Verbal Behavior Programs

 We use several curriculums to assess the children learning skills but also, they manner that they learn more effective. We use several behavior strategies to teach the child how to learn in a more natural manner in different contexts.

Functional Communication Training

This program focusses on providing the appropriate replacement skills for problem behaviors. We focus on what the child can be doing more functionally instead of the problem behavior.


Social Skills Training

We are in the process of creating social skills groups. We provide training to parents and therapist on how to work on important social skills milestone from early on

Daily Living Skills

These skills are very important in the development of several skills for the individual, including problem solving skills, communication skills and responsibilities. Caretakers and therapist are all trained on how to teach individuals how to become more independent..

School based training to promote best practices in education and inclusion

 We see the school as an institution that is part of a community that needs to promote inclusive practices. We ideally target the education of the system. Beyond the individual programing we work training and educating the community where the child develops. We foster support groups for parents, educate teachers and inspire a community to come together to develop a true inclusion process.

Professional training to build capacity

 The main objective is to provide professionals and parents with tools that can transform the lives of many children. We thrive in creating self-sustainable systems that use the behavior analytical strategies and principles.

Educational training using the principles of behavior analysis

 We provide live and online training in several topics showing how behavior analytical strategies can facilitate communication, daily living skills and social skills. Our educational training looks to build awareness of the importance of ABA to improve quality of life. We also provide specific training for professionals

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